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Culture Amazons of Uzbekistan set up record The unique number of circus woman-riders called Amazons of Uzbekistan has been recorded into RECORDS CHINNESS, the Chinese analogue of Guinness records book. The most complicated performance of Uzbekistan’s artists drew a storm of applause of spectators all over the world. Trick riding is one of the most difficult and primordial men’s direction of circus art gains a new image owing to Amazons of Uzbekistan number. Tricks on galloping horse performed by a team from Uzbekistan including three girls: Irina Pankova, Albina Tanasheva and Yevgeniya Bobrova were recognizes unique by both circus art professionals and ordinary spectators. The number was prepared in 2007 for record short time and came into the world in 2007 on the Tashkent state circus stage. Afterward the team was invited for tour to China and was accepted by the foreign audience with a great ovation. After this triumphal tour the team of Uzbek horsewomen was invited to the celebration of China’s independence. This October the team performed in the circus opening in Nanjing and it was there where the record was established and the number was recorded into the RECORDS CHINNESS book. A hard labor which is behind this unique number totally appears in a swift rate and bright unforgettable images before spectators. Now this number can be considered the best in this genre. A triumph of the team from Uzbekistan can be considered also a triumph of the equestrian school by the Zaripovs dynasty recognized all over the world and celebrated its 115 anniversary this year. Master and aksakal of the Uzbek circus the 85-aged Khakim Zaripov helped in staging the number. And Ulugbek Zaripov, the manager of the number, the Honored Artist of Uzbekistan is the successor of this famous circus dynasty. “Not only jury members and spectators but also directors of the greatest circuses of Beijing and Shanghai watched the performance of the record trick. Impressions of the performance itself and the way the audience accepted us are unforgettable,” Ulugbek Zaripov confesses. I would like to mention specially that Albina Tanasheva, the second year learner of the Tashkent variety-circus college equally participated with professional artists in establishing the record trick. Relating the number, it is still in the process of improvement in the search of most complicated and record tricks, we hope that this is not the last victory and we will gladden our dear spectators more than once with our records and achievements in the nearest future. 28.11.2008 By Oksana Vedyaeva
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